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Updation Disaster

Today we hurried so much to get all the CAD done so we could lazer cut the acrylic but, while we were laying out the lazer cuter drawing we realized that the parts in the echassie weren’t up to date. Were not sure what to do because it looks like the creators of the open ROV haven published the CAD files for the updated version and instead just one huge lazer cutting file. So, we cant get just the echassie, leaving us only two options ether try to slice apart the lazer cutting files or try to design our own echassie.

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ROV Hobby Parts

Hello I am Avi Moore writing about my mini submersible summer project. The submersible is an opensource project that was developed by two people that wanted to find some gold in a cave lake, they ended up not actually finding any gold but instead found themselves developing a new piece of technology. I got the idea to build the ROV because I read about the people that developed it in Make Magazine ( and I was inspired to make the open ROV.

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