4AGE deep baffled oil pan

For the 1986 MR2 24 hours of lemons car we prepped, I did a lot of research on weak points of the 4AGE engine in the car. I decided that one of the biggest problems was oiling, both slosh in the oil pan as well as pooling in the head. Oil temperature is also always an issue. I decided to whip up a custom deep oil pan with internal swinging baffles.

I added an additional 1″ to the pan, and added four or five baffles with swinging doors to keep oil around the pickup. I also dropped the pickup around 1.25″ to compensate. Finally I added two additional side drains to the pan which were plumbed to hoses dumping out of the side of the valve cover. Sadly I didn’t take any photos of the swinging doors around the pickup. If I ever pull it off again I’ll snap some pics of it.

Our car lasted the whole race without oiling issues, so I guess it worked!

EDIT: We sold this pan since we are ditching 4AGE. Added some more photos of the inside.

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